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Just Some Of Our Work and Results

AMP Insurance

The Brief: Create a compelling, heartfelt, and viral campaign for Australia’s largest insurance brand for Christmas time. Eight Loop was tasked with the scripting, directing, shooting, editing and paid media spend.

The Idea: “Not everything you lose can be replaced”. Certain items have sentimental value, something that – while can be replaced materialistically with the help of insurance, can never truly be recovered.

We interviewed AMP customers to find stories of loss and then invited them into a studio to record their stories. They had no idea that AMP was busy behind the scenes helping to recreate the sentimental value of their loss, and surprised the customers with the gifts presented by Santa Clause.

The Result: Over 1.8 million views, 2,800 shares and a positive uplift on the AMP brand.

Ski Week Campaign

When we were first approached by the sister company of The Yacht Week, we knew at once the approach that would be required to drive online ticket sales for The Ski Week – an adventure travel company taking adventurous souls to some of the world’s best snow around the globe.

The first step was to review all the activities that had been previously run for the company. A full audit was conducted and a strategy mapped out.

Read the full case study here.

Woop Gamification

WOOP was struggling with Facebook ads. With the help of Eight Loop and a Facebook ad funnel, their cost per conversion was more than halved. 

WOOP now sells around 100 boxes per month.

√ HALVED cost per conversion
√ 5X monthly sales
√ 3 MONTHS to achieve these results

Hawaii Event

Eight Loop was recruited to promote the second international event for the FB Ads Academy.

The Idea: We understood the importance of ensuring leads could speak to someone before purchasing due to the high price point. Because of this we leverage canvas ads to showcase the speakers and event benefits and built a funnel so that qualified leads could book in with the sales team.

The Result: 60 tickets sold, 116 leads, $300K in revenue.


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