How to Find & Hire your FB Ad Unicorn or Contractor!

You thought trying to crack the sales game was the hardest part of building your business or agency until you had to hire a FB Marketer to manage the campaigns and funnels!The experience can only be likened to trying to hit a miniature horse target using a blank BB gun at a rundown amusement park […]

Split Test: Expanded Interests vs Normal Targeting?

Should you use it or not? We recently ran a split test to see if the targeting feature was worth a shot… here are our results… What is it? The expanded interests feature is where you essentially allow FB to go outside of the bounds of your normal targeting to try and find even more […]

6 Easy at home Tips for Taking Epic Product Photos for your FB Ads

When it comes to getting creative and taking photos for your FB Ads, there’s a handful of things you can do to make sure yours stand out from the bunch!  First things first – familiarity with the brand. Obviously, if it’s for your own gig that’s a given. Otherwise, knowing the audience, their likes and […]

Why even bother hiring an agency

My palms were sweating. I could feel the lump in my throat tighten as my fingers clenched the corners of my blouse. Keep it cool, Cat.  I straightened my back with the clearing of my throat and eyed his profile as he was reviewing the proposal.I had had the front of it laminated to try and […]

3 Ways To Ace Your Facebook Marketing Through Gamification

It takes a bit of practice and a LOT of split testing to get the hang of Facebook Marketing, not to mention that it is ever-changing and everything you learn today, you may have to forget and learn anew tomorrow. But if there’s one undeniable constant in Facebook marketing, it’s this: engagement is the highest […]