Increase in Creative

The gameplan

The first step was to review all the activities that had been previously run for the company. A full audit was conducted and a strategy mapped out. We decided to drive top of funnel awareness campaigns leveraging the company’s high spec content (videos mostly here) and retarget using urgency and what is probably best called “FOMO” to drive sales.

The challenge

Tickets sell in the $1,200 price range and are sold online. The company’s demographic also skews towards a younger audience. To add to this, the trips are usually organised in groups – meaning one person will instigate the idea and get five of their mates to come along and join. So the challenge was to build up enough top of mind awareness, and also create this same urgency with the fans and friends within the group. Get everyone onboard and excited to push the trigger.

We knew targeting would be key here but also understood that the funnel itself would be critical.

The solution

We used canvas ads TOF and also used several “social proof” campaigns – for example, placing media spend behind content that invited users to tag their “crew” so that we could build up the retargeting audiences.

The result

The campaigns averaged a $400 CPA (average order value of $6K) and sold across all destinations for the company. Next step – develop an at event messenger bot to engage attendees during the event and build even more momentum for the coming years!

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