The challenge

Eight Loop Social was asked by to set up and scale mobile app user acquisition campaigns on Facebook and Instagram with a strict CPA for new and paying users. Eight Loop was also asked to create and test highly engaging Ad Creative to support each step of the campaign funnel. 

The solution

The team at Eight Loop started out by completely rebuild campaign funnels to better focus on mobile app user acquisition and in-app purchases. Eight Loop also added a new mobile app tracking framework which included several new App Events to better optimize on high-value users. By adding this tracking framework, the team at Eight Loop was then able to create multiple new Lookalike Audiences that were used to prospect new users to the app. 

The team also created and tested multiple ad creative with various overlays, messages, and styles. By combining the learnings from the Ad Creative tests and App Events tracking, the team at Eight Loop was able to build a sustainable and scalable mobile app acquisition structure.

The result

By completely re-structuring app tracking, creative and funnel structure, Eight Loop was able to reach a 40% lower CPA compared to the set goal.

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