Pay The Invoice – Web Docu Series

By Catherine Howell | Aug 9, 2019 | Blog

Almost a year ago, I got the craziest idea…

I put a post up on social media offering seven freelancers to come to my office in Auckland, New Zealand, to live and breathe the agency life with me.

A real-life Incubator if you will…

I wanted something bigger than just my agency. I wanted to help self-starters with a fire, and put them on the path to where I am. Because it’s been so rewarding for me.

I went in blind, not knowing what to expect. I expected interesting people, I expected hard work, and I expected twists and turns for sure. 

The clients that don’t pay…
The leads that ghost…
The contractors that go awol…
And the dreaded feeling like you’re spinning your wheels…

And during this epic summer of documenting, it all came rushing back.

Pay The Invoice 1

It was an incredibly humbling experience to be able to see these challenges we all share from up close again. And while we all go through our own journey, we do face similar challenges. To say the least, it was a true honour and privilege to be allowed to break through those bottlenecks together with these seven inspiring individuals.

Sometimes, trying to pave your way in this industry can feel isolating and frustrating. My hope with this web docu series was to create clarity and connection for those going through it.

Through an incredible team effort, we documented and captured the stories of these seven amazing freelancers and agency owners as they worked towards building up their businesses.

And so we created our mini-series: Pay The Invoice.

Now, through hard and tireless work, we’re ready to finally to share these stories with you in a way that we believe they – and you – deserve.


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