6 Easy at home Tips for Taking Epic Product Photos for your FB Ads

By Haley Guildford | Dec 4, 2018 | Blog

When it comes to getting creative and taking photos for your FB Ads, there’s a handful of things you can do to make sure yours stand out from the bunch! 

First things first – familiarity with the brand. Obviously, if it’s for your own gig that’s a given. Otherwise, knowing the audience, their likes and dislikes, the style, look and feel that might catch their eye will all play their part in attracting attention from the right audience. With that nailed down, the rest is a piece of cake! 

Just in case you’re not as savvy with any photography terms, we’ve made a handy little glossary, so you know what we’re referring to:

Flat lay: A photo taken from directly above (bird’s eye view) that showcases a range of items on a flat surface

Crop or cropping: Removal of unwanted outer areas inside the frame of the photo

Orientation: Horizontal orientation = landscape and vertical orientation = portrait

DSLR: Digital single-lens reflex. Basically the fancy, name for a digital camera!

So, let’s get down to business, and remember, this is a guide for beginners. The 7 tips below will take you from image amateur to happy snapper in no time. Promise!

1. User Experience

Around 75% of all Facebook users view the app on their phones (or roughly 1 billion daily) so making sure the user experience fits this is really important.

  • The right specs for the medium it’s being displayed on is a good place to start. Check sizes, orientation, square, portrait or landscape
  • When shooting keep this in mind for framing the product

2. Prepare a Checklist & Research

Being organised for a shoot, whether you’re working with your smartphone in your kitchen or on a fancy DSLR will make your life much easier. Organisation is key!

Write out a list of everything you need for your shoot so when the time comes you’re not running around searching for props or wishing you had that roll of tape to hold down a piece of paper. Think camera accessories, props, product etc.

It also helps to do your research. Check out the brand’s Social profiles – Instagram & Facebook, take note of colours, style ideas, audience insight all that good stuff.

3. Location & Set-up

This will be dependent on the type of product you have, but keeping it simple is best.

  • Lighting is one of the most essential elements to consider when taking a photo and natural light will be your best friend. Make the most of any large windows and have your set-up angled around this. Alternatively, if you’re after something with a studio feel, you can use desk lamps on either side of your product. Just play around.
  • Think about the surface area. Having enough clear space to work from, especially if shooting a flat lay will be easier on the eye and won’t cause clutter.

4. Composition

Whether you’re shooting from a bird’s eye view perspective or something with height and angles, planning out your composition and arrangement is what will help draw in your audience.

  • Think about the style of the brand or product. Is it clean and modern or rustic and a little out there? Will a flat lay with organised lines and clean cropping suit or would overlapping props and off centred lines be better?
  • The clear space you have will help you arrange and rearrange as you need. Play around with different angles until you’re happy
  • If you’re stuck with arranging a flat lay – stick with the rule of thirds. Imagine a 3×3 grid and place your products evenly along the imaginary lines.
  • Not all images need to have a central focal point. Sometimes placing your hero product to the left or right can draw in the eye.
Photo tip

5. Theme/Style

Think of telling a visual story. Whatever the theme of your shoot, keep that in mind when choosing colours and props. Think of colours that are on-brand. There’s no point shooting on a bright pink background just to make it stand out if the brand is all about sustainability and environmental issues.

6. Practice!

The more you get out your phone or camera and have a play, the better at it you’ll become. Watch videos, take note of different Facebook ads and screenshot your faves and just get shooting!

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