Case Study – WOOP

Leveraging Conversion Campaigns and Social Proof

We used a Combination of Conversion Campaigns to drive sales and Page Post Engagement Campaigns designed to increase credibility and relevancy, Eight Loop halved the cost of Conversion for WOOP from $80 to $40, while also having a measurable increase in Customer Retention through the use of follow up campaigns designed to showcase upcoming packages.


 The Game Plan

To drive Top of Funnel awareness and Conversions. And then with bottom of Funnel, we retargeted with discount offers to drive consideration.


 The Challenge

Our main challenge was showcasing the benefits of Woop, which we were able to do through our copywriting and strong imagery. The Demographic skews towards the time poor & cash rich so we were able to showcase how much time the product saved, while not having much in the way of additional cost over competitors.


The Solution

We launched TOF Conversion and Page Post Engagement campaigns, leveraging high affinity content consisting of Family-oriented and Food Oriented Images to showcase the product benefits and reasonable cost. We followed up with additional content in the form of static food imagery and videos. paired with initial discounts to increase conversion.


The Result

We halved the Conversion Cost from $80 to $40 over the course of our time with Woop (3 months), while also doubling conversion rates through website and campaign optimisations.


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