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Eight Loop Social http://eightloopsocial.com Social Media Strategies > Auckland Tue, 03 Oct 2017 03:09:14 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.8.2 How Local Businesses Can Leverage Pokemon Go http://eightloopsocial.com/2016/07/how-local-businesses-can-leverage-pokemon-go/ http://eightloopsocial.com/2016/07/how-local-businesses-can-leverage-pokemon-go/#respond Sun, 17 Jul 2016 00:10:30 +0000 http://eightloopsocial.com/?p=1085 1468538474750

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A step-by-step guide to show you how your local business can capitalise on the Pokemon GO trend to bring in a horde of new customers for just $1.19 an hour!

NOTE: The premise of this game is that users go out into the real world searching for Pokemon. We’re going to show you how to bring Pokemon to your place of business, thus attracting the players of the game to your store.

Step 1. Download the Pokemon GO app

(Or check with one of your employees – chances are someone already has it on their phone) from the App Store or Google Play store.

Step 2. Once you’ve created an account (or logged in) and gone through the basic setup, you’ll see a screen that looks like this:


It’s a map of your area and you might notice “P0keStops” around (those vertical blue cubes), or a training gym (the largest icon on the app). That’s a good sign – users tend to flock around these areas! Hopefully your store IS a PokeStop!

Step 3. Click the red “Poke Ball” at the bottom on the screen and tap “shop”.

Scroll down and tap the purple, box-shaped “lures” – that’s what youwant to purchase.  These lures will attract Pokemon to your PokeStop for half an hour at a time, and players will be able to see the lure in your area.

For 84 hours’ worth of lures, it’ll cost you $100.  (That gets you 14,500 PokeCoins & you can purchase your first 8-pack of lures – you’ll get 21 of those packs in all – coming out to just $1.19 per hour).

Once you’ve purchased them and are back in the app, tap the red Poke Ball again, then tap “items”.

Tap the purple lure to activate it and watch the crowds roll in!

Hint: You might even want to offer a “Pokemon GO Special” to get players to come in an turn into customers while they wait for the lure to run out.  You know, a 2-for-1 type deal, or 10% off etc.



Image sourced from Forbes

Not sure it’ll bring traffic to your locations, or think it’ll just bring kids?

Surprisingly, one of the top demographics of the game is the 18-34 year old market.

Infact, L’inizio Pizza Bar in Long Island City in New York claims its sales jumped 75% over the weekend by activating a “lure module” (sourced from Fortune mag). 

Book a Strategy Call with Eight Loop for more bright ideas on how to drive customers to your business!


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The Secret to Selling High Ticket Offers with Facebook http://eightloopsocial.com/2016/07/the-truth-about-selling-coaching-consulting-services-online/ http://eightloopsocial.com/2016/07/the-truth-about-selling-coaching-consulting-services-online/#respond Fri, 01 Jul 2016 10:10:06 +0000 http://eightloopsocial.com/?p=1076 pexels-photo-48673-large

Karen had thrown everything she had into making a go out of building an online coaching business but now she was ready to throw in the towel and return to her corporate job. Her dream of building a lifestyle that would enable her to work remotely as she traveled the world with her children and afford the luxuries she sought whilst enriching the lives of her clients through her expertise was hanging by a thread.

This wasn’t at all what she had envisaged, and as she opened up about her story, it was clear that she had taken the leap into the online space under the pretense that – when the world is your market – it’s not that hard to get just even 20 people to buy from you.

We All Want a Cut of 1.6 Billion Dollars, but….

We’ve all heard the stories – how a social media coach made $40,000 in one month by enrolling 200 people into her course, how a yoga teacher is earning $100,000 a year running an online membership site and how a business consultant turned $40 in ad spend into $10K in revenues.

Who could blame anyone for wanting a slice of the pie – it’s like the pot of gold under the rainbow that we’re all in search for! Imagine earning six figures in income per month for 20 hours of work doing something that you absolutely love. That is called winning at life!

But the unfortunate reality is that the majority of entrepreneurs who take the leap don’t make it.

The reason isn’t because there is no more money to be made – on the contrary consumers spent a purported 1.6 billion dollars in online coaching & self-help programs last year alone, there is PLENTY of profit to go around. It’s not because they are playing a game of luck or chance – sure there are a few entrepreneurs who break big without ever trying but these are about as rare as becoming a professional athlete.

[There is PLENTY of profit to go around]

The reason most online entrepreneurs will fail is very simple. They don’t understand how to market online.

Develop a Funnel

Here’s the thing, wealth in business all comes down to your ability to turn advertising dollars into profits. To do this online you need a funnel that generates you leads and nurtures them through to purchase because the reality is that it is VERY hard to sell to even just 20 people if you don’t have a funnel in place.

There are several different types of funnels that work well with professional service entrepreneurs – finding the right one for you will come down largely to your price point, the offer, your audience and the industry you are in.

One thing you need to get comfortable with is using Facebook ads and leveraging the platform to its fullest. This can generate you unsurpassed ROIs and is hands down the most cost effective and quickest way to market yourself – whether it’s to grow your email list, build up a Facebook Group or send people through to your webinar.

If you’re looking for your share of a billion dollar industry and you are already an expert at what you do than selling your online program is a great way to build the life of your dreams but make sure that you are clear on what you need to do to find leads and turn those into clients.

 Building a Funnel for Your Online Program

If you’re still needing help and guidance on how to do this – register for the upcoming workshop that will take you through the 5 simple steps to building a six figure Faceboook ads funnel for your coaching or consulting business.

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Understanding & Creating a Lookalike Audience http://eightloopsocial.com/2016/06/understanding-creating-a-lookalike-audience/ http://eightloopsocial.com/2016/06/understanding-creating-a-lookalike-audience/#respond Mon, 06 Jun 2016 02:15:28 +0000 http://eightloopsocial.com/?p=1068 Lookalike Audiences are a way to reach new people who are similar to your existing customers, fans, or leads.

You can base a Lookalike Audience on a variety of sources, such as people who like your Page, or visited your website. You can also create a Lookalike Audience based on an existing Custom Audience – this is a great way to expand your reach and to drive new qualified traffic to your website.

Strategic Applications of Lookalike Audiences

Here are just a few of the ways you can use Lookalike Audiences.

  • Find new customers who are similar to your website visitors
  • Find new customers who are similar to those who have visited specific pages of your website
  • Find more loyal customers
  • Expand your targeting reach to highly qualified individuals


How it Works

Facebook looks for commonalities between the people in your Custom Audience and then finds similar people that “look like” your audience in the country you select.

You can choose the size of the Lookalike Audience (from a range based on the number of users in the country you’ve chosen) during the creation process. Smaller audiences more closely match your source audience. Creating a larger audience increases your potential reach, but reduces the level of similarity to your source audience.

Note: You can only choose one country at a time for Lookalike Audiences





To create a Lookalike Audience in Ads Manager:

  1. In Ads Manager, click Tools and then select Audiences
  2. Click Create Audience in the top left and then select Create a Lookalike Audience from the drop-down
  3. Choose your source (for the purpose of this course, lets choose a Custom Audience)
  4. Choose the country where you’d like to find a similar set of people
  5. Choose your desired audience size with the slider
  6. Click Create Audience





Select Create Audiences in the top left and then Lookalike Audience from the drop-down




Here, you’ll be able to select a Facebook Page, Conversion Pixel and Custom Audience. For the purpose of this course, lets choose Custom Audience.



Note, you can only choose one country for your Lookalike Audience




Choose how similar you want your Lookalike Audience to resemble your Custom Audience. Audience size ranges from 1% to 10% of the total population in the country you choose, with 1% being those who most closely match your source. The higher the percentage, the bigger the audience size.




Click Confirm. Your Audience will be ready to use immediately. If, however, you make any changes to your Custom Audience, it will take up to 3-7 Days for these changes to take effect in your Lookalike Audience.

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Understanding & Setting Up Standard Events http://eightloopsocial.com/2016/06/understanding-setting-up-standard-events/ http://eightloopsocial.com/2016/06/understanding-setting-up-standard-events/#respond Mon, 06 Jun 2016 02:01:18 +0000 http://eightloopsocial.com/?p=1063

If you’ve ever tried Facebook advertising, you’re more than likely aware of the very real, and important requirement to use your pixel – a short piece of code that is placed on every single page of your website to keep track of website hits coming from your Facebook ads.

But for many online businesses selling direct to consumers, there is another level of reporting required from your ads.  That is, how much does it cost me to acquire a new customer and which of my ads are leading directly to a purchase.  Knowing this information is crucial if you want any kind of success from Facebook ads as it allows you to optimise and test ads out accordingly.

There are two ways to track sales made on your site from your Facebook ads.  The first is call Custom Conversions and the other is done through Standard Events.

Without causing too much confusion here, just know that only Standard Events allow you to retarget people that made a purchase (ex: if you wanted to cross-sell or up-sell) and create Lookalike Audiences.  So, for the purpose of this post, we will be exploring Standard Events and how to set these up.

To Set Up a Standard Event

Creating a Standard Event is two-fold:

  1. Part #1: Insert Standard Event Code on Site
  2. Part #2: Create Custom Audience for your Standard Event



There are 9 different user actions (or standard events) you can track, these include:



To add Standard Event code to website:

  1. Go to your Ads Manager.
  2. Click Tools > Pixels
  3. Click Actions and select View Pixel from drop-down
  4. Copy the Standard Event Code you would like to use from the Add Conversion Tracking list
  5. Paste the event code on your website (see important note below in Step #5)



Once you have accessed the Pixel tab in ads manager, select View Pixel from the Actions Drop-down.


Below the Add Conversion Tracking you will see nine short codes, these are the nine available Standard Events. Copy the one you would like to use. For example, if you are tracking people submitting a contact us form you could use Lead here.


There are two important things to bear in mind when you’re pasting standard events to your site: where to insert the code on your site, and what pages on your site you place it on.

  • You want to place the standard event before the closing </script> tag within the base code (see the screenshot below). This ensures that the pixel will track the correct behavior or actions. You also have the option to change the values.
  • Only place the code on pages that correspond to the event that you’re tracking. For example, if you’re tracking purchases, only add the code to the pages where purchases are confirmed (ie: the thankyou page).

For WordPress

Access the PixelYourSite plugin from your WordPress dashboard. Select Standard Events Setup from the top.

Paste in the Event Code and click Activate Standard Event. Click Save.



To see if your Standard Event is working properly, simply head back into the Facebook Pixel tab, select Standard Events from the bottom, your events will all be listed here. You should see a green button next to correctly installed events – please allow up to an hour for Standard Events to show up once installed on website.



To create a Custom Audience from your Standard Event:

  1. Go to your Ads Manager
  2. Click Tools > Audiences
  3. Click Create Audience from the top bar > Custom Audience
  4. Select Website Traffic
  5. Select Custom Combination from the Website Traffic drop-down
  6. Select Event from the URL drop-down. Choose your event
  7. Add time parameters (optional) and give your Audience a name
  8. Click Save



Click Create Audience.


Select Website Traffic



Select Custom Combination from the drop-down.



Select Event from the URL dropdown.



Note, only events that are correctly tracking will show up in this field

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Why Your Email List Ain’t All That http://eightloopsocial.com/2016/04/dont-hedge-all-your-bets-on-an-email-list/ http://eightloopsocial.com/2016/04/dont-hedge-all-your-bets-on-an-email-list/#comments Sat, 02 Apr 2016 03:18:28 +0000 http://eightloopsocial.com/?p=1014

Let me guess: this post title is making you squirm.  For all you care, I may as well come out and say Facebook is dead!

For one – you spent a small fortune and put in heaps of time and effort trying to build a substantial email list, one that would generate you high quality leads that someday (hopefully sooner rather than later) will convert into millions of dollars worth of sales.

I get it – I’ve helped many clients set up opt-in funnels, competitions, pop-ups, the works -  and have done so on my own businesses as well. Trying to acquire even just one new subscriber can sometimes feel SO DAMN HARD.

But this isn’t a brain fart post aimed at getting a rise out of you.

Here’s the thing.

The way people are communicating and brokering deals is changing. Fast.  I’m not normally one to throw everything up in the air as soon as a new platform rears its head but this is one that just can’t be ignored.

I’m talking about Messaging Apps.

The fastest growing trend of our decade.

Just last month Facebook Messenger cracked over 1 billion users, and every day over 315 million snaps are sent through Snapchat. Not phased – how about this, a recent study by Juniper Research found that over 43 trillion IM messages were sent in 2015, surpassing email (at 30 trillion) for the first time! This shit is real people!

Over the weekend I was having a drink (or three) with friends who are currently importing a product into Australia – my friend mentioned that the majority of the deals she brokers with potential suppliers are done through Messenger! Wow, can we take a moment to stop here, this is massive!

So why is the messaging craze growing so fast?  These are just my speculations (feel free to share your theories below):

  1. Well for one, the younger generation isn’t too hot on email – sure they all have them, but mainly so that they create social media accounts!
  2. Secondly, email is becoming extremely spammy – I don’t know about you but my inbox is always filled with irrelevant updates and campaigns. Trying to unsubscribe to them all is a never-ending battle. According to studies, 80% of email sent is spam!
  3. And lastly, and perhaps most important to you – email open rates are pathetic at best. The industry average is 20%, but even if you’re cracking a whopping 50% – that means that over half of your audience never received your important message.

Messaging apps, on the other hand, have a 98% open rate (higher than SMS marketing). Facebook is expected to announce any moment that it will open Messenger up to brands and publishers.  How this will translate into a marketing function is yet to be determined (no doubt there will initially be heaps of  growing pains).

But don’t do a total freak.   Email is not going away anytime soon (remember back in the 90’s they said email was dead) –  it’s just important to be aware that the way we connect and communicate is changing and that sinking $50K into growing your email may no longer be the wisest investment.

As with any marketing, investment or business activity – never hedge all your bets in one place. Spread the load to avoid massive blows and disappointment in the future. By all means continue to grow your email list, but also start investing time into growing leads across other platforms and channels, especially in IM.


What are your thoughts, let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear if you agree or disagree with me.

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7 Social Media Trends for 2016 http://eightloopsocial.com/2015/12/social-media-trends-for-2016/ http://eightloopsocial.com/2015/12/social-media-trends-for-2016/#respond Fri, 04 Dec 2015 01:53:12 +0000 http://eightloopsocial.com/?p=768 socialmediatrends2016


2015 was a big year for social media. Agencies spent less time wasted arguing the ‘why social’ debate, ad dollars moved fast, Facebook’s stock jumped 81 percent, and Instagram rolled out its advertising network. In 2016, the business of social media will continue to evolve rapidly. Here’s what’s next:


1. Messaging apps

… will become the way people subscribe to communications from businesses. Advertisers will pay to reach their messaging app subscribers with targeted messages, just like they do with email or SMS blasts. In the West, Messenger will become the leading messaging platform for brands due to its scale, resources, and data. In the Pacific, WhatsApp will continue to flourish as the preferred choice and in the East, WeChat will dominate as it continues to integrate advertising, content, commerce and literally everything.



2. Social Commerce

…will become fully integrated into social feeds and messaging apps. As it stands, the high traffic volumes from mobile to e-commerce sites have relatively low conversion rates due to poor UX. Buy buttons being tested by networks look to solve this problem for users and brands. Twitter’s already integrated commerce and the tech is flawless (see: @TwitterCommerce). Facebook is currently testing a Buy button in news feed (for brands) and Groups (for p2p commerce), and not to be outdone, Pinterest has launched Buyable Pins. This will put pressure on brands to not only be able to sell on their sites but also on social platforms.


3. Increased CPC & CPM

… as more and more brands shift their budgets into digital and platforms look to protect the user experience. In the last year alone, Facebook ads have gone up 128% – a result of it cutting out the number of desktops ads being displayed and fierce competition faced amongst brands for targeted audience attention. This trend is also true of influencer marketing in NZ, where bloggers, Instagramers and Youtubers are quickly catching on to their true advertising worth. Expect to pay around $10 per CPM (so for an influencer with 100K followers that is a cool $1,000 per pop).

 Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 10.12.58 pm

4. Periscope

… is the cool new kid on the block for 2016. With its real time video capabilities, allowing users to give a live video broadcast of some stretch of their lives, different brands are experimenting with the app to discover its best use for marketing. This in-the-moment style platform is in itself an emerging trend and may signal to brands the end of scheduled posts and the need for more agile marketing tactics (think Oreo and Tui Beer).


5. Hypertargeting & Personalisation

With wearable technology on the rise and mobile dominating as the preferred screen, geolocational targeting will become the advertising norm. Social platforms will expand their targeting abilities around these parameters and the increasing amount of data will enable brands to personalise interactions with customers and unleash the power of programmatic hypertargeting advertising technologies to scale. Filtering algorithms will allow platforms to feed highly personalised content pieces to users, this will make ‘organic’ content distribution even more challenging for brands – those that succeed will be the ones who master the art of storytelling in an authentic and contextual way.



6. Facebook TV

… will become a bigger video platform than Youtube. It’s rise in popularity will boil down to new embedding functionalities that will allow users to spread content across the web as well as the relative lack of ‘trolling’ (something Youtube continues to struggle with). That, and the fact that Facebook’s algorithm is pretty much the most powerful invention of the modern internet. As TV rating and ad sales continue to decline, digital video will continue to become the fastest growing ad format. Video content viewing will become highly personalised and Zukerberg expects video to be the only content on Facebook within five years’ time. You do the math


7. Wearables

… will surge in popularity. The small nature of wearable devices will see a shift in written (typed) communication to voice. Social media content will become more conversational and (even more) visual in nature and the brands that will succeed in this space will be the ones to quickly adapt their content strategies accordingly. The social networks that make the greatest efforts to appeal to wearable users will also be the ones to rapidly grow in popularity.


So yea… smart technology, messaging, commerce. 2016.


Interested to learn how to future-proof your brand’s social media activities ? Join us for a two-day Accelerated Social Media Course – limited to 10 attendees, register today!

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Facebook’s Gift to Small Business: Local Awareness Ads http://eightloopsocial.com/2015/11/facebooks-gift-to-small-business-local-awareness-ads/ http://eightloopsocial.com/2015/11/facebooks-gift-to-small-business-local-awareness-ads/#respond Thu, 12 Nov 2015 03:31:12 +0000 http://eightloopsocial.com/?p=694 Facebooklocalads

For years, NZ business owners trying to promote their small local business on Facebook struggled with targeting.


Even with all the Interest or demographic segmenting, localising ads was near impossible and the result was a Grey Lynn shop promoting ads to South Auckland just to ensure adequate reach of message.  The experience has been – for the most part – a grim one.

But Facebook recently rolled out their Local Awareness Ads and these are now available in NZ!  Can I get a Hallelujah!

How It Works

Local Awareness ads allow hyper-local targeting of potential customers that live in or have recently visited the area around your business location, starting as small as a one-mile radius (Facebook is American after-all).  This is based on mobile geo-location targeting so basically means that you can feed your ads to people near your business at any one time.

The drawback of this new feature is the limited segmentation – but hey, we no complain.


Here’s What You can use these Ads for:

  • Send Message. Get private messages directly from your advert in News Feed.
  • Call Now. Get calls from your advert in News Feed and speak directly to potential customers.
  • Get Directions. Let people be guided directly to your location from their phones.
  • Learn More. Send people to any page on your website to give them information.


Who & How You Can Benefit

  • Restaurants – target potential diners around your area with a special offer – run your ads during specific times of the day to coincide with lunch/dinner
  • Retailer – promote your wares and sales to those around your shop
  • Events – drive attendance and raise awareness on the day to your event
  • Realtor – open home listings anyone?
  • Drug dealers… jk – good to see you’re still reading, now here’s how to set it up!


How To Set Up

This is done through your ads Manager and is super easy.

  1. Click “Create ads” in the Facebook ad manager and click the “Reach people near your business” option. Choose the appropriate page you would like to advertise
  2. Enter the address and choose the radius, age, and gender of your target demographic
  3. Enter budget and lifetime
  4. Select imagery and choose your call to action


Voila!  Let the small businesses prosper!

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What Happened to My Facebook Fans!! Behind the Facebook Purge of 2015 http://eightloopsocial.com/2015/03/whats-happened-to-my-facebook-fans-behind-the-facebook-purge-of-2015/ http://eightloopsocial.com/2015/03/whats-happened-to-my-facebook-fans-behind-the-facebook-purge-of-2015/#comments Sun, 15 Mar 2015 23:35:48 +0000 http://eightloopsocial.com/?p=668 tumblr_lm87pc34xT1qcnjuc

If you’ve been paying attention to your Facebook Insights, or even just keeping tabs on how many fans your page has you may have suffered a minor stroke sometime in the last few weeks as you realised your follower count had mysteriously up and left without any apparent reason.

The culprit,  Facebook announced last week  it’s undertaking in a large-scale purge of inactive accounts, saying that it would erase page likes from accounts that had been deactivated or “memorialized,” profiles for deceased users.  It’s essentially Facebook’s version of a colonic, a deep cleanse to get rid of any dead weight and give way to enhanced experiences and health.

Here’s a snippet of what they told Page Managers:

“Removing inactive Facebook accounts from Page audience data gives businesses up-to-date insights on the people who actively follow their Page and makes it easier for businesses to find people like their followers through tools like lookalike audiences.”

“Over the coming weeks, Page admins should expect to see a small dip in their number of Page likes as a result of this update.”

Sounds great on paper but sucks if your the marketer on the other end…..


But don’t take it personally, Facebook has been handing out the falcon punches indiscriminately, infact if you only lost a few hundred, or even thousand fans) count yourself lucky, Etsy lost nearly 50% of its fanbase and ESPN reported losing over 70,000 followers – that’s a whole lot of no thank you!

On the plus side, all those brand pages that bought fake Facebook fans may finally able to get a fresh start as Facebook chops and culls their faux followers.

So what can you do as a marketer – not much actually, just pick yourself up, explain the situation to head office or your clients (share this blog to prove you’re not just covering your ass) and squeeze those little fingers tight hoping that was the last blow to hit your page.

The lesson to be learnt from all of this?  Unless you have a thing for  impromptu colonics,  BUILD YOUR OWN PROPRIETARY AUDIENCE!!!! No matter how beguiling Facebook, or Instagram or even Google for that matter might come across at breakfast, you will never own them nor will you ever be able to control their #masterfulmonday trickery.  Don’t entrust your future business on the audience of any one platform – instead use these platforms to create your own audiences that you can then cleanse as you see fit.



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A social media rant without the sorority girls http://eightloopsocial.com/2015/01/social-media-rant-without-sorority-girls/ http://eightloopsocial.com/2015/01/social-media-rant-without-sorority-girls/#respond Fri, 30 Jan 2015 04:52:32 +0000 http://eightloopsocial.com/?p=658 maxresdefault

This is a weird post so ignore it if you like. Infact it’s basically just a social media rant that’s pretty much EXACTLY like a college hazing except without the sorority girls, or beer.

We wrote this because we thought it would have been impolite to let 2014 slip by without reflecting on the highs and lows of our favorite sosh networks. Yea, we get that it’s already February but we was so busy trying to figure out what the hell a whippoorwill was that we’re only getting round to it now (it’s a bird by the way, but kinda feel like it should be a fancy whipped cream-making machine).

The Highs

Twitter is killin’ it with it’s fresh new roll out that allows users to shoot and post 30-second videos straight from the iOS and Android app. Also really liking how you can now group message up to 20 fellow ‘tweeps’ at once – because, sometimes, getting replies from seven strangers in a row is a lot like waking up next to the punch bowl of a party you never RSVP’d to. Helluva lot of fun.

“Always a disappointment when you realise you shaved for nothing” Yik Yak, we’re watching your ass in 2015!

Instagram – we love you, you little non-spammy hipster, but seriously, if you could open up your API that would be amazing, m’kay.

The Lows

Facebook messing up Graph Search – what was an agency’s dream came and went faster than it took us to clip on our fanny packs. They should just rename it to CrapScrabble. PS: Iweve forgiven Facey for lots of things in the past but this definitely warrants the silent treatment for at least four hours. Conclusion: By the time you finish reading this sentence we’ve already logged back in.

Do you know what it feels like to get your lip clipped on braces? Just go on Whisper, the totally anonymous social platform where strangers located nearby share their deepest and darkest secrets like: “Just because we broke up doesn’t mean I stopped dreaming about you”. It’s just the right dose of awkward to get you hooked.

Google +, you still can’t sit with us…. but you can do our SEO homework, for free please.

Dunno how to classify these….

Snapchat – our little Scarlett Letter, so awesome in every way yet tainted with a naughty rep. We’re sending the platform an invoice for all the times we tried to defend their honor to clients (you too Tinder, you too).

Guess the App!!! You download it when you go abroad, you use it there for a bit before going back to Facebook Messenger, then you delete it. You got it, it’s WhatsApp!


Anyways, feel free to add your 2014 rant or complaints in the comments below

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Social Media for Realtors http://eightloopsocial.com/2015/01/social-media-for-realtors/ http://eightloopsocial.com/2015/01/social-media-for-realtors/#respond Tue, 13 Jan 2015 03:56:11 +0000 http://eightloopsocial.com/?p=633 socialmediaforrealtors

Sure, the Auckland property market may be hotter than a Kardashian uterus, but the competition has never been stiffer.   As property prices rise, so to do the number of realtors, and curbside marketing just isn’t having the same stick as it used to.

But while most real estate agents are caught in the abyss of traditional marketing, with time-consuming mail-outs and expensive print adverts, few have taken to digital and unleashed the power of the social media.

If you’re serious about future-proofing your personal brand and creating lasting relationships with your target audience, here are three ways to get you started:

1. Get Online

Almost a moot point.

Like any brand these days, it’s sacrilegious not to have a website. Consumers like to do their own research, on their own terms. The more information you can provide them with, the more confidence you will instill and the easier the decision will be for them.

Having said this, make sure your site is up to date, is well designed and easy to navigate – you would never pull up to a potential client in a rusted old two-seater, don’t leave a bad impression with your website.

(Need advice on website developers, we can recommend someone)

The next step will be to decide on which social platform to take your brand on.  This will be depend largely on who your target audience is, their age, income, cultural background etc.  But for general reference, below are the top networks in NZ for Males/Females aged 28-64.



2. Build Your Online Community

You’ll want to make sure your social media profiles aren’t just full of your friends and family and that you have a community of locals or potential leads that could convert in the future.

The easiest and fastest way to achieve this for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is to use social advertising.

Instagram, on the other hand will require a bit more community management and patience to build up.

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2. Build Your Credibility & Reputation

Sellers want to know that you will squeeze every last penny out of home buyers and home buyers want to know that you’ll pinch every last penny for them. Whatever the end game, building confidence with your audience is how you will get those leads.

Use existing client relationships to spread the good word. Post raving reviews from clients, tag them into posts. Show photos of the happy faces from someone who just sold their house through you for $100K over asking price. These are all easy ways to build social proof.


3. Build Long-Standing Relationships

Stop trying to do the hard sell all the time and instead provide value and engage.

Give home staging tips and tricks, post about industry trends, showcase relatable home memes or quirky design hacks.   Give your audience a glimpse into your life. Share a photo of your adorable kids making cookies, or your team enjoying lunch in the park – people want to connect with real people, making yourself relatable is the fastest and easiest way to win custom over.


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