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3 things you need to be aware of before using FB video ads

Picture this: you’re scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed, and a video autoplays. Next thing you know, you’re ten minutes in and you NEED whatever it is they’re selling. Sound familiar? It happens to all of us. Literally – all of us. Over 100 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook every day.

So how do we use this tool to our advantage? It’s one thing to make a video, it’s another to use it to advertise. We want our other ads to be effective and engaging, so why should we expect any less from video content?

How We Helped Generate 75 Clarity Calls In Two Weeks

Giordana Toccaceli was already doing a lot of things right when we started working with her. But she was after that extra push that would take her campaign from good to SMASHING IT… And that’s what we delivered.

We worked on Giordana’s Webinar-To-Booked-Call Funnel and managed to take her campaign to the next level.

We created a highly engaged Facebook group with over 1000 members and created and managed her Facebook ads. This resulted in 75 clarity calls in just two weeks. The average CTR was 2%.

Aside from the Facebook group providing a stream of registrants, Giordana’s campaign reached a 30% registration rate at $3 per webinar registration. This was followed up by $10 post webinar booked calls.



How We Managed To Double AMP Scholarship Applications

We love a challenge at Eight Loop, and that’s exactly what we got with the AMP Scholarships campaign. There were several important elements that made this a multi-faceted campaign – and it produced great results.

In fact, with a total of over 4,000, it doubled the AMP Scholarships applications. 

How To Generate $300,000 In Revenue From $3,217 Ad Spend

We were excited to be involved in the launch of Dr Patel’s Living Proof Institute Functional Medicine Training to say the least. The high-ticket program provided fellow doctors and medical practitioners with all the tools, processes and marketing systems to start their own successful functional medicine practices, modelled after Dr Patel’s own business.

We were tasked with generating strategy calls which would then be taken through the program and enrolment.

The results surpassed expectations – we generated $300,000 in revenue from a $3k ad spend!

So how did we make this happen?

How We Turned An Original CPA Of $100 To Signups At $9.50 Per Registration

While the agency loves a good brand and a creative challenge, there’s one thing we’re better at than anyone else – and that’s cracking funnels!

In fact, we’ve delivered some great results for businesses across many sectors. An interesting case study in the service sector in particular is the story of NZIE.

NZIE teamed up with the agency after failing to get registrations for their Digital Marketing Courses. After a re-evaluation of their campaign, Eight Loop overhauled their landing page, made improvements to their audience targeting and created, ran and managed their Facebook ads.

Since kicking off 3 months ago, they’ve had 454 registrations at $9.50 per registration. Their original acceptable CPA was $100. This resulted in a consistent and steady stream of leads – and they’ve now moved into the Business Diploma space.

How We Took 1 Dead eCommerce Funnel and Turned It Into A $500k Per Month Business

In February, we onboarded a new client with amazing potential, Waft. The innovative Singapore-based brand offers customers the opportunity to create and personalise their own, high-quality perfume. While the product was interesting to say the least, the sales just weren’t there.

When we first started working with Waft, they were doing about 8-10 sales per day and it was costing them over $100 per sale… On a $100 product!

Less than two months in, we managed to turn that ship around – taking Waft from petty and horrible FB ad results to half a million dollar monthly revenues from $100K ad spend!

How to set up your Messenger code business cards

Business cards sound outdated, but not if they’re used in an innovative way. We live in a digital age, so why not make use of that?

Messenger codes are the way forward: they allow for people to privately message your business and initiate conversation – this can significantly optimise customer engagement.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up your Messenger code business cards.

How to advertise to a Facebook Group


Facebook Groups are an incredibly underestimated marketing asset, but if you’ve already discovered the secret of reaching your audiences through an open or closed group, you may have noticed – it takes a loooong time to build it organically.

However, you may also have noticed that Facebook doesn’t allow ads to direct to a Facebook page or asset.

So how do marketers go about building their groups effectively?

3 Psychological Hooks to Get More Clicks On Your Facebook Ads


Most of what I’ve learned about sales, I learned from my children.

Small Child: “I want a bottle.”

Me: “No, you have to eat your dinner first.”

Small Child: “Bottle…”

Me: “No, lis…”

Small Child: “BOTTLE!”

Cue bulging forehead vein, crocodile tears and lots of screeching. Works every time.

But here’s the thing – for those of us who are busy adulting – going limp in front of a prospective client definitely won’t earn you any brownie points, and it most certainly won’t work on your Facebook ads. BUT, you can still play head games with your leads and customers by employing three powerful psychological hooks. Here’s how…

Facebook Groups: The underdog of marketing tools

Facebook Groups

It’s no secret that Facebook can do amazing things for your business. More and more businesses are looking to Facebook ads, and it’s almost impossible to fathom that in 2017 any given business wouldn’t have a Facebook Business Page.

And while Facebook Pages are undoubtedly an asset to any business, there is one majorly powerful marketing tool which continues to be wrongfully underestimated.

Facebook Groups.

How Local Businesses Can Leverage Pokemon Go


Getty Images

A step-by-step guide to show you how your local business can capitalise on the Pokemon GO trend to bring in a horde of new customers for just $1.19 an hour!

NOTE: The premise of this game is that users go out into the real world searching for Pokemon. We’re going to show you how to bring Pokemon to your place of business, thus attracting the players of the game to your store.

The Secret to Selling High Ticket Offers with Facebook


Karen had thrown everything she had into making a go out of building an online coaching business but now she was ready to throw in the towel and return to her corporate job. Her dream of building a lifestyle that would enable her to work remotely as she traveled the world with her children and afford the luxuries she sought whilst enriching the lives of her clients through her expertise was hanging by a thread.

Understanding & Creating a Lookalike Audience

Lookalike Audiences are a way to reach new people who are similar to your existing customers, fans, or leads.

You can base a Lookalike Audience on a variety of sources, such as people who like your Page, or visited your website. You can also create a Lookalike Audience based on an existing Custom Audience – this is a great way to expand your reach and to drive new qualified traffic to your website.

Understanding & Setting Up Standard Events

If you’ve ever tried Facebook advertising, you’re more than likely aware of the very real, and important requirement to use your pixel – a short piece of code that is placed on every single page of your website to keep track of website hits coming from your Facebook ads.

But for many online businesses selling direct to consumers, there is another level of reporting required from your ads.  That is, how much does it cost me to acquire a new customer and which of my ads are leading directly to a purchase.  Knowing this information is crucial if you want any kind of success from Facebook ads as it allows you to optimise and test ads out accordingly.

Why Your Email List Ain’t All That

Let me guess: this post title is making you squirm.  For all you care, I may as well come out and say Facebook is dead!

For one – you spent a small fortune and put in heaps of time and effort trying to build a substantial email list, one that would generate you high quality leads that someday (hopefully sooner rather than later) will convert into millions of dollars worth of sales.

Facebook’s Gift to Small Business: Local Awareness Ads


For years, NZ business owners trying to promote their small local business on Facebook struggled with targeting.


Even with all the Interest or demographic segmenting, localising ads was near impossible and the result was a Grey Lynn shop promoting ads to South Auckland just to ensure adequate reach of message.  The experience has been – for the most part – a grim one.

But Facebook recently rolled out their Local Awareness Ads and these are now available in NZ!  Can I get a Hallelujah!

What Happened to My Facebook Fans!! Behind the Facebook Purge of 2015


If you’ve been paying attention to your Facebook Insights, or even just keeping tabs on how many fans your page has you may have suffered a minor stroke sometime in the last few weeks as you realised your follower count had mysteriously up and left without any apparent reason.

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A social media rant without the sorority girls


This is a weird post so ignore it if you like. Infact it’s basically just a social media rant that’s pretty much EXACTLY like a college hazing except without the sorority girls, or beer.

Social Media for Realtors


Sure, the Auckland property market may be hotter than a Kardashian uterus, but the competition has never been stiffer.   As property prices rise, so to do the number of realtors, and curbside marketing just isn’t having the same stick as it used to.

A Brand walks into a bar…

Social Media Guide to Online Communities


Let me set the stage… picture a cocktail party…

The guest list is a pretty special one, it’s all your existing and potential customers.  Some have already heard about you – perhaps it was on TV or the billboards – but you’ve never spoken before. Some of them you’ve already had the pleasure of meeting, you think they like you, but can’t be sure.

Visual Marketing Secrets

I Spy With My Little Eye Something I Want To Buy

Harnessing the power of images and visuals will make your marketing more powerful and more memorable. Images — when done deftly –can turn concepts and intangible things into something concrete and will help your peeps envision your brand and your message.

In this article you’ll discover five ways to help you master native advertising for social media that’s sure to engage.

3 Ways to Build a Killer Email Database

With an estimated 18 billion messages sent per day and the average Joe checking his account a whooping 6-20 times per day, email is far from dead! On the contrary, it’s doing the moonwalk across it’s tombstone and remains one of the biggest conversion assets of a marketer’s goodie box.

[Insert short break here for a quick email check.]

And that’s exactly why you need to be building your little goldmine of email addresses, because it’s ultimately the cheapest and best way to get in front of your audience. Here are 3 ways to build a killer email database.

Easy Tip to Boost Facebook Post Engagement

Tired of trying to decipher Facebook’s steadfast algorithm for more likes, comments, and eyeballs on your posts? One easy way to boost Facebook post engagement is to tag them.

Hire an Agency or Keep it In-House?

To hire or not to hire – that is the question….

Well, it is anyways if you’re a business trying to understand just how to get the best bang out of your buck in the digital space.

And you’re not alone in wondering, most New Zealand businesses looking to take the social media plunge have come unstuck at the very question. On one hand, hiring someone internally offers unparalleled brand-sided insights – on the other, hiring an agency or contractor can often give you unmatched advantages that can only come from a team of creatives coming together to make your dollar work.

Quick & Easy St Patrick’s Day Strategies

Haven’t planned anything for St Paddy’s Day aside from your costume and old-faithful hangover cure of Beroca? It’s not too late – here are 5 quick and easy digital strategies to help your business leverage off the luckiest day of the year and make your competitors green with envy.

The Number One Social Media Tip

You know that feeling when you have a mammoth task at hand, so massive that your brain can’t actually process it so you cope with busy work, adding a plethora of menial tasks to your looming to-do-list (like browsing Ben Silbermann’s Pinterest Board titled ‘Little Things I Love’)?

What the Hell is LinkedIn

And 7 Hot Tips for your Company Page

Chances are you have a personal LinkedIn profile – it’s got your contact details, a cute but professional blurb about how you strive at everything in life and a list of your many hidden talents, amongst which includes your knack for knitting little cotton coats. Oh, and let’s not forget that long list of endorsements tagged to your profile, most of which are completely irrelevant thanks to click-happy Harry that got carried away after one too many Redbulls.

6 Easy Ways to Drive Online Sales Using Pinterest

A picture speaks a thousand words – a concept Pinterest has adopted since it’s beginning. The visual social bookmarking platform has proved a popular online sales tool, with Pinterest traffic conversion rates 50% higher than those coming from other platforms!

If you’re selling goods online this is one tool you can’t afford to ignore – here are 6 easy ways to drive online sales using pinterest.

Why You Should Never Buy Fans & Followers

There’s a bit of a trend mulling around in the marketing world – we’ve become obsessed with the term ‘engagement’ and have ditched quantifying our digital efforts by the size of our community and rather deem our success by interactions.

And while the recurring theme of engagement is prevalent for good reason, the fact of the matter is that many businesses still choose to measure their success online by the size of their audience.

Facebook Admits Lower Engagement Rates

Time to fess up – Facebook has come clean and admitted that new changes to its algorithm will adversely affect post reach for businesses.

The storyline is like a bad déjà vu – just under a year ago Facebook made a few tweaks that saw drastic drops in engagement rates. Businesses and marketers – some of which had spent small fortunes building up their fan base – kicked up a storm. Facebook denied the changes had any impact on page reach.

Choosing the right Social Media Network For Your Business

With Facebook recently admitting a drop in it’s teenage user-base, it’s never been more apparent that choosing the right Social Media network is an important first step to building a business social community.

Learning where your target market hangs out online and which networks reflect your particular zeitgeist will save you loads of time, energy, headaches, and money and make your digital marketing efforts go further!

Build Your Site Traffic with Stumble Upon

[There’s no point being the best kept secret in town]

Somehow, as a business, you have the mammoth responsibility of telling the world about your awesome kiwi-lime popsicles and neon-green sneakers. Usually this is done through a combination of traditional marketing tactics, Adwords, SEO practices, and social media.

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