Interactive posts

First there was the 360° post, now there is the new Press and Hold posts.

Last year Facebook introduced the 360° video/photo feature. This took the social world by storm both users and companies made good use of it.

Remember the interactive trailer for The Conjuring 2?

It gives the viewer a little taste of the movie while putting them in it (on some level). Some other brands have also been using this as an enticing way to present holiday destinations.

The new, super cool rollout is the “Press and Hold” feature, which was introduced late October. It’s a post that can only be viewed on touch screen devices. You hold your finger on the video to activate it, as soon as you lift your finger off of the video it will stop.

The idea of this feature came from the Apple function where you can capture a live photo. For Android users, there is intoLive, an app that can turn any video into a ‘live photo’.

Check out this cool format (will only work on mobile/touch screen devices)

It’s exciting to see what new ideas are happening on Facebook. We’re still holding out for grabbing things through the screen.