Organic Social activity is not dead! Its new name is engagement!

“Organic Social is dead” is phrase that has been floating around lately. Never fear – we have some tips to keep you on top.

Social media advert spending has doubled since last year. This is mainly due to people pushing out ads on Facebook rather than engaging with their audience.

Here are a few tips and tricks to engage with your audience and build a bigger following on Facebook.

Quality Connections –

According to a survey done by Sprout Social, customers follow a brand on social media before committing to making a purchase. 71% of customers have said that they are more likely to purchase from a brand if they have a positive interaction on their social media sites. If a negative experience is recorded on social media from a customer it is the brand’s opportunity to show that they are able to turn a negative customer into a positive customer by trying to solve the issue and giving them an incentive to make another purchase.

Listen Up –

Engagement is key. Take the time to respond to comments and feature customer posts on your Facebook page, this will prompt people to share posts. Keeping things fun is another way in which you can engage with your audience, especially coming up to the holiday season.

Talk Back –

When you make a post you should be able to see the opportunity to activate the messenger response icon, this might not always be available. Responding to comments or even just liking a comment will let the audience know that you are active on your page. Another fun way to interact with audiences is by using the “Poll” feature. This way you are interacting with your audience and also getting stats on what they like most.

Go Behind the Scenes –

People always want to know what is happening behind the scenes, it’s human nature. With Facebook live you can show people what exciting things are going on, using this to your advantage you will be getting a lot more site and page visits. A good example of this is the Facebook live that was done on Funny or Die’s page on the 16th November 2017. There was no real point to this Facebook Live but to watch a cellphone fall into a pot of boiling water. The video had about 1.2K audience members and 362 shares. People just love watching something in real time especially if they don’t have to do anything.

Give It Away –

Everyone loves a giveaway. This is probably the fastest way to get engagement from your audience. This will prompt people to like and share a post to increase their chances of winning. Creating a giveaway with another brand/page and providing the instructions that they need to follow both pages to be eligible to win.

Recruiting New Talent –

We know that it used to be all the rage to advertise jobs on LinkedIn, but these days no really cares much for it. Advertising on Facebook is a new and exciting way to get people who are already interested in your brand to work for you. Making a post showing behind the scenes at your business will intrigue potential applicants.

Sharing is caring – let us know in the comments which one of these have worked for you!