Facebook Messenger Platform has had a make over.

Here is a few things that have been added to Facebook Messenger that is going to improve your user engagement.

Introducing the Customer Chat Plugin:

Facebook announced on the 7th November 2017 that business will be able to add a Customer Chat Plugin to their websites.

With the customer chat plugin people will be able to chat with businesses on their websites, transitioning back and forth seamlessly without the risk of losing conversation history and context. This will make it easier for customers to continue communication with a business whenever and wherever.

A waitlist is available online where you can enter your info to get notified once the plugin is available near you – Join waitlist

Here are a features that are available within the new plugin:

  • Page Management and Improved Messaging Experience – Facebook has released a media template to make image and video sharing more interactive. This will allow businesses to attach a CTA button when sharing or sending content from a webview. This template will also support Facebook URLs  whereas previously businesses could only share standalone items. A new Page-level feedback feature has been added as well, this will make it easier for businesses to view people’s feedback so they can respond and improve their experience.
  • Automation in more languages – Facebook launched the Built-in NLP in July, with some language additions of Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Vietnamese.
  • Handover Protocol – Enables multiple Facebook apps to collaborate on Messenger to enable a better chat experience between businesses and their customers.
  • Page Insights API – A tactical way to retrieve metrics that are available in your business’ Page Management as well.
  • New Message Tags
    • Application update: Notifying the recipient of an update on the status of an application.
    • Pairing update: Notifying the recipient that a pairing has been identified, based on a prior request.
    • Sponsored Messages: With Messenger Platform API you are able to send sponsored messages with a single API request, businesses will also be able to buy sponsored messages via Marketing API.


If you’d like to know what’s happening next and how you can use it to further your success, check out adhacks.cathowell.com