How To Generate $300,000 In Revenue From $3,217 Ad Spend

We were excited to be involved in the launch of Dr Patel’s Living Proof Institute Functional Medicine Training to say the least. The high-ticket program provided fellow doctors and medical practitioners with all the tools, processes and marketing systems to start their own successful functional medicine practices, modelled after Dr Patel’s own business.

We were tasked with generating strategy calls which would then be taken through the program and enrolment.

The results surpassed expectations – we generated $300,000 in revenue from a $3k ad spend!

So how did we make this happen?

Pre-Facebook Ad Campaign

Before launching the new campaign, there was much debate over whether we should run an automated webinar or a series of live webinars.

Automated webinars are, as the name suggests, easier to automate and they typically have much higher attendance rates. However, live webinars usually have better engagement and they tend to convert slightly higher.

The final decision came down to branding and integrity. Dr Patel felt that live webinars were more ethical and in line with his brand and vision.

We ran an audit to see what had happened so far in the ad account – we found that while this was a new program and offer, Dr Patel had targeted this particular audience before and the ad account had a history of previous campaigns.

After assessing the existing ads, we pulled together some compelling direct response copy and we set up a landing page to speed up the testing and optimisation phase.

The Results

At the end of this campaign, we managed to achieve 558 new webinar registrations for a cost of $4 per registrant on a COLD audience!

Dr Patel booked over 100 strategy calls from the live webinars, retargeting and email sequences, leading to revenues of $300K… From a $3k ad spend!

“Before I started working with Eight Loop Social I was doing decent with Facebook ads, or so I thought! My “success” is what made me nervous to hire someone because I was afraid it would be a waste of money. 

The results blew my mind, the team blew my mind, and my launch was $100k higher than even I estimated!”

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