How We Managed To Double AMP Scholarship Applications

We love a challenge at Eight Loop, and that’s exactly what we got with the AMP Scholarships campaign. There were several important elements that made this a multi-faceted campaign – and it produced great results.

In fact, with a total of over 4,000, it doubled the AMP Scholarships applications. 

For this campaign, we tackled a few different things:

Facebook Ads


A Facebook Group

 Facebook Lives

The page got over 1.7 million impressions and over 10,000 engagements. This resulted in an average cost per engagement of a $0.03, a number well below the industry average of $0.25.

Aside from $500 spent on Facebook ads and highly engaging content on Instagram, Eight Loop also created the Dare To Dream Facebook group. 

The group was extremely active – in fact, it saw so much traffic that we needed to increase community management. With just under 2,000 members and over 4,000 engagements, the group saw a peak in activity in the last few weeks of the Scholarship Program.

With a Facebook Group ad spend of $1,698.13 and 355,577 impressions, we more than halved the CPM industry average of $10-$15 to $4.78.

Finally, the Facebook Lives performed extremely well. A reach of 14,358 and 599 engagements, which were a great mix of comments and questions about Scholarships.

With a total spend of $2,198, CPM, CPC and CTR were all far below industry average.

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