April 2017

How We Helped Generate 75 Clarity Calls In Two Weeks

Giordana Toccaceli was already doing a lot of things right when we started working with her. But she was after that extra push that would take her campaign from good to SMASHING IT… And that’s what we delivered.

We worked on Giordana’s Webinar-To-Booked-Call Funnel and managed to take her campaign to the next level.

We created a highly engaged Facebook group with over 1000 members and created and managed her Facebook ads. This resulted in 75 clarity calls in just two weeks. The average CTR was 2%.

Aside from the Facebook group providing a stream of registrants, Giordana’s campaign reached a 30% registration rate at $3 per webinar registration. This was followed up by $10 post webinar booked calls.



How We Managed To Double AMP Scholarship Applications

We love a challenge at Eight Loop, and that’s exactly what we got with the AMP Scholarships campaign. There were several important elements that made this a multi-faceted campaign – and it produced great results.

In fact, with a total of over 4,000, it doubled the AMP Scholarships applications. 

How To Generate $300,000 In Revenue From $3,217 Ad Spend

We were excited to be involved in the launch of Dr Patel’s Living Proof Institute Functional Medicine Training to say the least. The high-ticket program provided fellow doctors and medical practitioners with all the tools, processes and marketing systems to start their own successful functional medicine practices, modelled after Dr Patel’s own business.

We were tasked with generating strategy calls which would then be taken through the program and enrolment.

The results surpassed expectations – we generated $300,000 in revenue from a $3k ad spend!

So how did we make this happen?