How We Turned An Original CPA Of $100 To Signups At $9.50 Per Registration

While the agency loves a good brand and a creative challenge, there’s one thing we’re better at than anyone else – and that’s cracking funnels!

In fact, we’ve delivered some great results for businesses across many sectors. An interesting case study in the service sector in particular is the story of NZIE.

NZIE teamed up with the agency after failing to get registrations for their Digital Marketing Courses. After a re-evaluation of their campaign, Eight Loop overhauled their landing page, made improvements to their audience targeting and created, ran and managed their Facebook ads.

Since kicking off 3 months ago, they’ve had 454 registrations at $9.50 per registration. Their original acceptable CPA was $100. This resulted in a consistent and steady stream of leads – and they’ve now moved into the Business Diploma space.

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