March 2017

How We Turned An Original CPA Of $100 To Signups At $9.50 Per Registration

While the agency loves a good brand and a creative challenge, there’s one thing we’re better at than anyone else – and that’s cracking funnels!

In fact, we’ve delivered some great results for businesses across many sectors. An interesting case study in the service sector in particular is the story of NZIE.

NZIE teamed up with the agency after failing to get registrations for their Digital Marketing Courses. After a re-evaluation of their campaign, Eight Loop overhauled their landing page, made improvements to their audience targeting and created, ran and managed their Facebook ads.

Since kicking off 3 months ago, they’ve had 454 registrations at $9.50 per registration. Their original acceptable CPA was $100. This resulted in a consistent and steady stream of leads – and they’ve now moved into the Business Diploma space.

How We Took 1 Dead eCommerce Funnel and Turned It Into A $500k Per Month Business

In February, we onboarded a new client with amazing potential, Waft. The innovative Singapore-based brand offers customers the opportunity to create and personalise their own, high-quality perfume. While the product was interesting to say the least, the sales just weren’t there.

When we first started working with Waft, they were doing about 8-10 sales per day and it was costing them over $100 per sale… On a $100 product!

Less than two months in, we managed to turn that ship around – taking Waft from petty and horrible FB ad results to half a million dollar monthly revenues from $100K ad spend!

How to set up your Messenger code business cards

Business cards sound outdated, but not if they’re used in an innovative way. We live in a digital age, so why not make use of that?

Messenger codes are the way forward: they allow for people to privately message your business and initiate conversation – this can significantly optimise customer engagement.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up your Messenger code business cards.

How to advertise to a Facebook Group


Facebook Groups are an incredibly underestimated marketing asset, but if you’ve already discovered the secret of reaching your audiences through an open or closed group, you may have noticed – it takes a loooong time to build it organically.

However, you may also have noticed that Facebook doesn’t allow ads to direct to a Facebook page or asset.

So how do marketers go about building their groups effectively?

3 Psychological Hooks to Get More Clicks On Your Facebook Ads


Most of what I’ve learned about sales, I learned from my children.

Small Child: “I want a bottle.”

Me: “No, you have to eat your dinner first.”

Small Child: “Bottle…”

Me: “No, lis…”

Small Child: “BOTTLE!”

Cue bulging forehead vein, crocodile tears and lots of screeching. Works every time.

But here’s the thing – for those of us who are busy adulting – going limp in front of a prospective client definitely won’t earn you any brownie points, and it most certainly won’t work on your Facebook ads. BUT, you can still play head games with your leads and customers by employing three powerful psychological hooks. Here’s how…