This is a weird post so ignore it if you like. Infact it’s basically just a social media rant that’s pretty much EXACTLY like a college hazing except without the sorority girls, or beer.

We wrote this because we thought it would have been impolite to let 2014 slip by without reflecting on the highs and lows of our favorite sosh networks. Yea, we get that it’s already February but we was so busy trying to figure out what the hell a whippoorwill was that we’re only getting round to it now (it’s a bird by the way, but kinda feel like it should be a fancy whipped cream-making machine).

The Highs

Twitter is killin’ it with it’s fresh new roll out that allows users to shoot and post 30-second videos straight from the iOS and Android app. Also really liking how you can now group message up to 20 fellow ‘tweeps’ at once – because, sometimes, getting replies from seven strangers in a row is a lot like waking up next to the punch bowl of a party you never RSVP’d to. Helluva lot of fun.

“Always a disappointment when you realise you shaved for nothing” Yik Yak, we’re watching your ass in 2015!

Instagram – we love you, you little non-spammy hipster, but seriously, if you could open up your API that would be amazing, m’kay.

The Lows

Facebook messing up Graph Search – what was an agency’s dream came and went faster than it took us to clip on our fanny packs. They should just rename it to CrapScrabble. PS: Iweve forgiven Facey for lots of things in the past but this definitely warrants the silent treatment for at least four hours. Conclusion: By the time you finish reading this sentence we’ve already logged back in.

Do you know what it feels like to get your lip clipped on braces? Just go on Whisper, the totally anonymous social platform where strangers located nearby share their deepest and darkest secrets like: “Just because we broke up doesn’t mean I stopped dreaming about you”. It’s just the right dose of awkward to get you hooked.

Google +, you still can’t sit with us…. but you can do our SEO homework, for free please.

Dunno how to classify these….

Snapchat – our little Scarlett Letter, so awesome in every way yet tainted with a naughty rep. We’re sending the platform an invoice for all the times we tried to defend their honor to clients (you too Tinder, you too).

Guess the App!!! You download it when you go abroad, you use it there for a bit before going back to Facebook Messenger, then you delete it. You got it, it’s WhatsApp!


Anyways, feel free to add your 2014 rant or complaints in the comments below