Sure, the Auckland property market may be hotter than a Kardashian uterus, but the competition has never been stiffer.   As property prices rise, so to do the number of realtors, and curbside marketing just isn’t having the same stick as it used to.

But while most real estate agents are caught in the abyss of traditional marketing, with time-consuming mail-outs and expensive print adverts, few have taken to digital and unleashed the power of the social media.

If you’re serious about future-proofing your personal brand and creating lasting relationships with your target audience, here are three ways to get you started:

1. Get Online

Almost a moot point.

Like any brand these days, it’s sacrilegious not to have a website. Consumers like to do their own research, on their own terms. The more information you can provide them with, the more confidence you will instill and the easier the decision will be for them.

Having said this, make sure your site is up to date, is well designed and easy to navigate – you would never pull up to a potential client in a rusted old two-seater, don’t leave a bad impression with your website.

(Need advice on website developers, we can recommend someone)

The next step will be to decide on which social platform to take your brand on.  This will be depend largely on who your target audience is, their age, income, cultural background etc.  But for general reference, below are the top networks in NZ for Males/Females aged 28-64.



2. Build Your Online Community

You’ll want to make sure your social media profiles aren’t just full of your friends and family and that you have a community of locals or potential leads that could convert in the future.

The easiest and fastest way to achieve this for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is to use social advertising.

Instagram, on the other hand will require a bit more community management and patience to build up.

(Still not sure what platform you should be on – get in touch today).


2. Build Your Credibility & Reputation

Sellers want to know that you will squeeze every last penny out of home buyers and home buyers want to know that you’ll pinch every last penny for them. Whatever the end game, building confidence with your audience is how you will get those leads.

Use existing client relationships to spread the good word. Post raving reviews from clients, tag them into posts. Show photos of the happy faces from someone who just sold their house through you for $100K over asking price. These are all easy ways to build social proof.


3. Build Long-Standing Relationships

Stop trying to do the hard sell all the time and instead provide value and engage.

Give home staging tips and tricks, post about industry trends, showcase relatable home memes or quirky design hacks.   Give your audience a glimpse into your life. Share a photo of your adorable kids making cookies, or your team enjoying lunch in the park – people want to connect with real people, making yourself relatable is the fastest and easiest way to win custom over.


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