Easy Tip to Boost Facebook Post Engagement

Tired of trying to decipher Facebook’s steadfast algorithm for more likes, comments, and eyeballs on your posts? One easy way to boost Facebook post engagement is to tag them.

How it Works:

You’re probably familiar with tagging friends on your personal posts to help share the content with a wider group but the system is slightly different when posting as a business page. For starters, you can’t tag fans in your posts.

So why bother……

Well, in February Facebook announced that it would be rewarding brands that tagged other businesses in their updates by potentially showing those posts to not just your own followers — but the tagged brand’s fans and followers, too. Huza!!

How to Tag Brands in Posts:

1. Create an update that involves another brand/business page, as always, make sure that your content is high quality and relevant to your fans

2. In the text of the post tag the brand by using the @ symbol – Facebook will generate a list of suggestions as you start typing out the name.

So for example, you would type @DwightHoward into the post to get the following.

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