3 Ways to Build a Killer Email Database

With an estimated 18 billion messages sent per day and the average Joe checking his account a whooping 6-20 times per day, email is far from dead! On the contrary, it’s doing the moonwalk across it’s tombstone and remains one of the biggest conversion assets of a marketer’s goodie box.

[Insert short break here for a quick email check.]

And that’s exactly why you need to be building your little goldmine of email addresses, because it’s ultimately the cheapest and best way to get in front of your audience. Here are 3 ways to build a killer email database.

So here are three simple ways to build up your email database like a rockstar:

1. Become a rockstar. Good job, keep at it.

2. Create website popover/pop-up

We know you think they’re annoying, 2/3’s of the population share your pet peev. But the truth of the matter is that they work – and bloody brilliantly at that!

A pop-up on your website is one of the quickest an easiest ways to capture that precious data. What’s even more, since you’re capturing it from your website, you know the leads are high quality.

The only catch, you’ll need traffic to your site, and mom doesn’t count.

3. Create an Offer

Plato once said, “People don’t care about your products, your services, your company or you. They only care about what’s in it for them” (well, he didn’t really, but it sounds far less harsh coming from a Greek Philosopher).

So to build your database you’ll need to create an offer with far greater value than what you are asking for.

Are you B2B, no worries, a popular value offering amongst marketers is to use whitepapers. These are basically reports on a subject matter that provide valuable insights to readers on a particular subject (we write these – get in touch if you’d like one for your brand).

4. BONUS – Launch a Contest

No you don’t need to give away your first-born, quite on the contrary, a small prize offering can go a long way SO LONG AS IT RESONATES WITH YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE.

For example, Harvest Snaps gives away packets of their products on their Facebook page. The prize costs them virtually nothing to offer yet is exactly what fans would want.

Had they given away wet cat food, on the other hand, their database would probably go down like, well, wet cat food.

You have a couple of options for collating these emails, you could collect the data on your website, or through one of your social media profiles.

For the later, you’ll need a third party app like Woobox or Heyo. If you’re simply giving away product with low monetary value, just promote your competition n your wall. If the prize is quite significant, like say a one-way trip to the moon, then you’ll want to put some advertising money behind it to promote it and make sure you get some large sign on numbers.


Just remember, no one likes SPAM, not the tinned stuff or the email junk. Keep your content relevant and deliver what you promised.

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