The Number One Social Media Tip

You know that feeling when you have a mammoth task at hand, so massive that your brain can’t actually process it so you cope with busy work, adding a plethora of menial tasks to your looming to-do-list (like browsing Ben Silbermann’s Pinterest Board titled ‘Little Things I Love’)?

That. That deer-in-the-headlight syndrome is the same phenomenon businesses encounter when trying to conquer the #mustengagemore or the #gottagetsocial mountain.

Somewhere along the lines of corporate (or small business) world domination, management decides to join the social bonanza – get a LinkedIn page, throw in a Twitter account, and of course, old faithful Facebook. A poor sop (probably you) in marketing is then handed the accounts and told to manage them (although it’s unclear what exactly this means at the time).

Dutifully (and initially quite optimistically) you throw yourself into pinning, commenting, and building your communities – and to management’s delight, your audience grows.

But it also has an insatiable hunger, and soon the line between costs vs benefits starts to blur.

That looming to-do list decides to take up residency and manifests itself into an all-consuming busines activity.

Thankfully, social media doesn’t have to be a black hole for resources. Infact, managing your communities can be a fairly pleasant process – so long as you have a strategy!

[Having a clear focus on your strategic objectives is what will differentiate your brand in the social space]

Too often businesses get caught up in the operational realities of social media & measure their efforts against metrics that hold little value to their brand’s overall goals.

Having a distinct strategy in place, one that is defined by your organizational objectives will help to highlight the tasks that actually need to be worked on, and those that are mere time-wasters.

Without this well-defined strategy, your business is simply succumbing to the ailment of #getmorefans and precious resources will be wasted on communities unlikely to deliver much value.

Identifying your goals from the onset and referring every activity back to these goals will allow your brand to differentiate itself in the social space and is the number one social media tip we can ever offer.

And now, back to business as usual…. just hopefully with a smaller to do list.

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