Quick & Easy St Patrick’s Day Strategies

Haven’t planned anything for St Paddy’s Day aside from your costume and old-faithful hangover cure of Beroca? It’s not too late – here are 5 quick and easy digital strategies to help your business leverage off the luckiest day of the year and make your competitors green with envy.

1. Show Some Green Spirit

Time to Setup – 1 hour max

Humanizing your social accounts is always a smart idea – people want to know they are dealing with people (or little leprechauns in this case). Show just how relatable your brand is by posting awesome pics of your team garbed in green on your Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest and [especially] LinkedIn accounts. All you need is a camera, some office spirit, and cheap two-dollar store accessories. Don’t forget to tag your posts with said office leperchauns!

2. Run a One-Day Competition

Time to Setup – 2 hours max

So simple and easy to set up – running a Like to Win competition on your Facebook wall means you won’t have to install an app. It’s also a great way to build engagement and reward existing fans.

Theme your post and prize around St Paddy’s Day, post it to your wall, ask fans to ‘like’ or ‘comment’ to enter and watch as the entries flow in. Pick a winner at the end of the day and then make your merry way to the pub!

3. You’re a Pot of Gold

Time to Setup – 1 hour max

Yea yea, it’s never good to go hard sell on social media – but in the right context being a bit vain about your product can work wonders.

Check out this Lite Miller Twitter post – simple, yet it received over 568 favorites in under 12 hours due to it’s context.

So go on, tell fans just how spectacular your products and services are by comparing them to a pot of gold. Don’t forget to hastag your post with #StPaddysDay.

4. Put A Clover On It

Time to Setup – 2 hours max

No matter how impolitically correct it may seem – anything with a clover on it looks ten times more St Paddy’s legit.

To pull this one off simply buy a plastic clover from your trusty two dollar mart or scour the local café’s garden for the real deal (we suggest aiming for three-leaves here). Place it on your product, snap a photo and post. Simple.

Practical things that look so much better with clovers on them include cupcakes, fish fillets, hamsters, gadgets, and gardens.

5. Create an Infographic

Time to Setup – depends

Ok- so this last one may need a bit more thought and effort than the others and we certainly don’t recommend setting up an infographic in a wee matter of hours, but they’re great for site traffic and can help to position your brand as a thought leader so totally worth thinking about for next year. Mark it in your calendars right now. See how organized you are now! You’re welcome.

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