What the Hell is LinkedIn

And 7 Hot Tips for your Company Page

Chances are you have a personal LinkedIn profile – it’s got your contact details, a cute but professional blurb about how you strive at everything in life and a list of your many hidden talents, amongst which includes your knack for knitting little cotton coats. Oh, and let’s not forget that long list of endorsements tagged to your profile, most of which are completely irrelevant thanks to click-happy Harry that got carried away after one too many Redbulls.

Yet you just can’t help but think there’s something more you could be doing on the platform. And let’s not even go into the whole Company page thing cause that might just topple you over the last bastion of sanity.

Well, take comfort in that you’re not alone. When confronted with the question of how to properly leverage LinkedIn most people wilt like microwaved flowers.

So what exactly is LinkedIn? At it’s simplest form the platform is a personal business card mashed together with your CV and a way to remind people of how very… connected you are.

If you own a business it’s a goldmine for lead generation and stakeholder networking. Not only can you boost your SEO using the social channel, fishing for new recruits in LinkedIn’s digital pool is so much more fun than having to pretend to read through a stack of CVs.

But before you start waving that LinkedIn trophy, here are seven simple tips to help you sexify (yes, that’s a word, we just made it up) that Company Page.

1. Complete the Company Profile

Yea, this one should go without saying, but sadly it’s been a bit overlooked by businesses. Don’t expect leads to sign on the dotted line when your own lines are blurred and incomplete.

Use keyword-rich text in your description, add specialties (again, think keywords here) and make sure your contact information is complete and relevant.

2. Showcase Products and Services

Another reason why we love LinkedIn is that it’s like a giant marketplace for businesses to showcase their Products and Services. And it’s free – need we say more.

Hot Tip: You can also add research papers or upcoming events to this section of the profile so get creative!

3. Engage

There is nothing more powerful than humanity’s natural tendency toward reciprocation. Like, comment and share relevant content from your followers and prospects to build your LinkedIn engagement rate.

4. Build Your Followers

We’re not one for looking only at follower counts but let’s face it, without followers you’re basically just a lone nut. Connect with people, especially your staff – ask them to connect with the Company Page and include your LinkedIn Company link to your email signature.

5. Ask for Recommendations

There’s nothing more powerful to help your lead generation process than an authentic endorsement. Ask existing clients to recommend products or services they have purchased.

6. Publish

According to LinkedIn the most popular types of updates on Company Pages are (in order of biggest impact): company branding tips and insights, employment opportunities and insights, tips and best practices, and fun facts and quotes.

Hoorah, this means you finally have a platform that requires a bit of vanity and feather fluffing. That’s right people, boast all you want about your products and services, people like it here.

7. Join Groups

With over 1.8 million Groups on LinkedIn to date (including one for professional taxidermists), you’re bound to find a niche that wants nothing more to hear about those little bolts you manufacture.

Join Groups and engage with members. If you can’t find a Group, why not create one!

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