Build Your Site Traffic with Stumble Upon

[There’s no point being the best kept secret in town]

Somehow, as a business, you have the mammoth responsibility of telling the world about your awesome kiwi-lime popsicles and neon-green sneakers. Usually this is done through a combination of traditional marketing tactics, Adwords, SEO practices, and social media.

And while Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest have proved powerful traffic generators, there’s a channel out there known to refer more social media than all of them combined – Stumble Upon.

With over 1 billion pages viewed a month by Stumble users, the site has certainly earned its stripes in the social media world as a powerful social bookmarking tool. If it’s virality you’re after, this may just be a match made in heaven.


When a person signs up to the site a ‘Stumble’ button is added to their browsers. They can then like sites and randomly browse the web using the stumble button. Users literally stumble across your site.

Just like any other viral content – there’s no rhyme , reason, or algorithm behind why certain pages on Stumble Upon spread like wildfire – collecting hundreds of thousands of page views. But the fact of the matter is it’s extremely easy to index your site pages to the platform and businesses that use SU tend to experience much more virality than those that don’t.


It’s true, Stumble Upon is not the best for direct conversion, but its benefits are stil worth consideration. Increased traffic to your site results in more back links to your pages – inadvertently helping your site rank higher in Google searches. This, in turn gives you those organic prospects and conversions with little to no effort on your part.

If you find the site to be extremely beneficial– you can take it a step further and boost traffic with paid Stumbles, using the Paid Discovery function allows you to target stumblers and you’ll only pay for engaged, unique users.


  1. Go to
  2. Sign up for free and share your interests.
  3. Download the “Stumble!” toolbar for your web browser.
  4. Start stumbling!

It’s important to remember that in order to receive any benefit from Stumble Upon you’ll need to become an active and engaged member of the community. Ultimately do your research and make sure that Stumble Upon is the right fit for you and your business

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